Chronicle and audio clips of the 20th Century.

Archer2000 Soundcloud Page
Bits, promos and clips from the Archer archives.

Interview clips from John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Beatles Chronicles
Log-in for the 9-hour radio documentary.

Beatles Concert Film Spot
Radio ad for the film of the 1964 Washington concert.

Beatles' First U.S. Press Conference
At JFK Airport, February 1964.

Beatles In Adelaide
1964 balcony interview with Bob Francis.

Beatles In Melbourne
1964 press conference.

Beatles In Space
NASA beams the Fab Four across the universe.

Brian Epstein
Becoming the Beatles manager after seeing them at the Cavern.

Cal Milner Interviews
Restored interviews of Nat King Cole and Fred Astaire on KHJ/Los Angeles, 1963.

Charles Lindbergh
"Lucky Lindy" becomes the first aviator to complete a solo flight from New York to Paris.

Dick Tracy Wrist Radio
Spot for Remco's 1960s two-way radio toy.

First Audio Commercial
1906 in-store spot for Edison phonographs.

George Martin
On auditioning the Beatles for Brian Epstein in 1962.

Historical Clips
Archival actualities sorted by date.

John F. Kennedy
Assorted clips from the JFK presidency.

John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Audio clips from JFK, Jr.'s short but extraordinary life.

John Lennon Remembered
:60 tribute to the memory of John.

KDKA/Pittsburgh 11/2/20
The first commercial broadcast station.

KKBQ Production
'80s promos, bits and other production from 93Q/Houston.

KMJK Production
Voiceover & production from 1980.

Listening Page
B-2-B and special event audio channels.

Lucky Pierre
Radio sketch comedy by Marty Fisher and Alan Archer.

Monterey Pop Festival Promo
KRLA promo from June, 1967.

Neil Innes with Archer
Interview clips from "Breakfast With A Rutle."

Olivia Harrison with Archer
Remastering and reissuing George's music.

Oregon Holiday
1960s promotional record produced by Pacific Northwest Bell.

Paul McCartney's "First Time"
Paul recalls hearing the Beatles on the radio for the first time.

Q105's Breakfast Q
Audio clips from the KXYQ/Portland morning show.

Q Morning Zoo's Greatest Hits Vol. 1
The Q-Zoo's first comedy LP, produced by Archer.

Thomas Edison
Clips from early sound recordings.

The Three Stooges
The trio joins Columbia Pictures in 1934.

Voices Of The Presidents
Audio clips of past U.S. presidents.

1969 radio spoof by Susan Andrews & Alan Archer.

WINS Beatles Promo
Murray the K gives away sweatshirts!

WKRP In Cincinnati
Daniel Fuentz' tribute site.

WOOF Radio
Log-in required.

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