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The voting age was lowered to 18. Those who sought the new age of majority contended that if people were old enough to fight and die in Viet Nam, they were old enough to vote.

28 prisoners and 9 hostages were killed when state troopers stormed Attica Prison in New York state, where inmates were holding 38 guards hostage.

65 died when a major earthquake rumbled through southern California on February 9th. The quake caused $500,000,000 damage.

Nearly 100 died when tornadoes plowed through Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

111 perished when an Alaska Airlines jet crashed into a mountain near Juneau.

No one was injured when a bomb planted by the Weather Underground exploded in a U.S. Capitol rest room.

Teletyped orders were mistakenly given to radio and TV stations to enact the Emergency Broadcast System. The minority who followed the Saturday morning instructions began telling their listeners to prepare for nuclear attack. Those who assumed the alert was an error proved the EBS plan was ineffective. The "actual alert" - complete with an authenticating code word - was wired to stations at the time set aside for weekly tests. As a result, the tests would become random.

For the first time in U.S. history, imports began to exceed exports. President Nixon was upset when he was informed that White House visitors were being given commemorative U.S. flag pins that were made in Japan.

Bobby Fischer became the first American to make the World Chess Championships. He would defeat Boris Spassky for the world title the next year.

Jesus Christ Superstar and You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown opened on Broadway.

Norman Lear's All In The Family became America's top-rated TV show.

Hit songs included Me And Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin, Carol King's You've Got A Friend by James Taylor and The Theme From "Shaft" by Isaac Hayes. Carole King won Grammys for Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year and Song Of The Year.

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