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The Skylab III astronauts finished the longest manned space flight to date - 85 days. The unmanned Mariner craft took photos of the planet Mercury.

19-year-old Patty Hearst - heiress and granddaughter of publisher William Randolph Hearst - was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army. Hearst would later be seen on film helping the SLA rob a bank. 6 members of the SLA died in a shootout with Los Angeles police, but Hearst eluded authorities until September of 1975.

Journalist Karen Silkwood died in a mysterious car crash while investigating safety conditions at the Kerr McGee Nuclear Power Plant.

Chet Huntley, co-anchor of the Huntley-Brinkley Report, died of cancer at age 63.

TV journalist Edwin Newman's book, Strictly Speaking, chided Americans for allowing the electronic media to corrupt the English language with such improper usage as turned up missing and non-words like funeralize.

Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves surpassed Babe Ruth's record by hitting his 715th home run.

U.S. Representative Wilbur Mills of Arkansas resigned as Ways & Means chairman due to a scandal involving stripper Fannie Fox.

The House Judiciary Committee voted three articles of impeachment against President Nixon for tampering with the Watergate probe.

When White House tapes proved President Nixon had obstructed justice in the Watergate investigation, Nixon resigned.

Shortly after assuming the presidency, Gerald Ford granted Nixon a pardon for all or any crimes committed while Nixon was president.

Nelson Rockefeller was sworn in as vice president.

Congress passed the Freedom Of Information Act.

Georgia governor Jimmy Carter announced his candidacy for the 1976 presidential election.

President Ford declared an amnesty for Viet Nam deserters and draft evaders whereby they could return to the U.S. and perform two years of public service.

After a New York Times exposť, the CIA admitted to President Ford that domestic spying by the agency against war dissidents had been taking place.

President Ford named George Bush as America's first envoy to the People's Republic of China.

94 died when a Miami-to-Washington jetliner crashed in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

After a 41-year ban, Americans could resume the private possession of gold.

The low-power wireless transmitter called Mr. Microphone - which broadcast to nearby radios - was an extremely popular gadget.

Hit tunes included I Can Help by Billy Swan, The Joker by the Steve Miller Band, the anti-Nixon You Haven't Done Nothin' by Stevie Wonder with the Jackson Five, Eric Clapton's cover of Bob Marley's I Shot The Sheriff and Band On The Run by Paul McCartney.

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