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America's bicentennial year included hundreds of thousands of special events and celebrations, Bicentennial Minutes on TV and a stepped-up American History curriculum at many schools and colleges. Six million gathered in New York and another three million in Philadelphia for massive Independence Day celebrations.

The U.S. and the U.S.S.R. entered into a nuclear weapons agreement which allowed mutual inspection of test sites.

Pesticides containing mercury were banned by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Hotel air conditioning containing a virus dubbed Legionairres' Disease killed 29 people who attended a convention in Philadelphia.

Former President Richard Nixon discussed his failed presidency with British talk show host David Frost.

The Viking I  landed on Mars and began beaming back photographs.

With Nelson Rockefeller declining to run, President Ford chose Senator Bob Dole as his running mate for the presidential election. Ford & Dole were narrowly defeated by Democratic candidates Jimmy Carter & Walter Mondale.

The newly-built Teton River Dam in Idaho collapsed. Two billion dollars damage occurred and 11 died when water flooded 320 square miles.

140 died in flash floods along the Big Thompson River in Colorado.

Ohio Democrat Wayne Hays resigned from the U.S. House over an ethics investigation into his relationship with a former employee.

Broadway hits included California Suite and Godspell.

Rock, disco, pop, funk and country songs could all be found on the Top 40 charts, including Rock'n Me, Shake Your Booty, I Write The Songs, Play That Funky Music and Convoy. Stevie Wonder's brilliant Songs In The Key Of Life received Grammy awards for Best Male Vocal and Album Of The Year.

Happy Days became the number one TV show. On her first ABC-TV interview special, Barbara Walters chatted with Jimmy Carter and Barbra Streisand.

All The President's Men, based on the Woodward/Bernstein Watergate chronicles, was the year's most lucrative film. Sylvester Stallone's Rocky won the Oscar for Best Picture.

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