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  • 99.1 The Bandit serves three states and two countries with PURE classic rock.

  • Archer & Valerie play the most music in the morning, and wake you up with exclusive features, including Beatles For Breakfast, the Law & Disorder report and Bandit Liner Notes.  Archer & Valerie kickstart your workday with The Bandit's NINE at NINE - nine highly-caffeinated classic rock songs in a row, starting at 9:00 AM!

  • Bill Forbes' weekday Bandit Nooner brings you exclusive music features.

  • Weekday afternoons, Laura Palmer drives you home with a non-stop Bandit 12-Pack of rockin' tunes at quittin' time. Plus, listen for a new edition of Bandit Liner Notes daily at 4:15.

  • Uncle Nasty cranks out the classic rock and threatens your safety and security weeknights from 7 to midnight. At 11, he assembles a Perfect Album Side from listener picks.

  • Click here for info on The Bandit's special weekend features.

  • The Bandit Bunker Hotline: (915) 880-9901

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