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MANCHESTER, U.K. -- A short-sighted greyhound is now winning races after being fitted with contact lenses.

The dog once lost every race because it would stay behind the leader to avoid getting lost.

Since getting contact lenses, it's been racing to victory after victory. Its owner doesn't want the dog's name revealed because bookies will slash the odds.

The dog was treated by leading British animal eye specialist, Pip Boydell, at Manchester, England's Animal Medical Referral Center. Boydell revealed the cure during a lecture on animal eye problems at Manchester University. "The greyhound was severely short-sighted and always came in second because it followed the dog in front," she said.

"With the lenses, it could see the hare and began to win. We would put the contact lenses in the greyhound's eyes before the race. The dog loved running and didn't suffer at all."

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