We digitize audio libraries!
Archive to .wav, .aif or 320K mp3, delivered via drive or download.
For radio, law enforcement, libraries, museums and collectors.

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Custom Vinyl LPs to Digital Files & Streaming

Restore and digitize your custom vinyl album and/or stream it online.

LPs are de-scratched, given noise reduction, remastered and converted to 320K stereo MP3 files which may be downloaded or streamed in a custom web player. This service is not for commercially-released LPs. Request a quote here.

Broadcast Cart Tape to Digital Audio

Cartridge tapes are partly mechanical and don't fare well in long-term storage.

Broadcast cart libraries are transfered to digital audio with or without phase correction/noise reduction. Mono or stereo modes. Request a quote here.

Reel Tape to Digital Audio

Digitize your library of reel tape recordings before they deteriorate beyond use. Archive decades of news clips, features and/or radio production.

Convert from quarter-inch full track, 2-track stereo, 2-track sound-on-sound, quarter-track stereo or 4-track mono at speeds of 3.75, 7.5, 15 or 30 IPS. With or without phase correction/noise reduction. Request a quote here.

Cassette Tape to Digital Audio

Convert inventory notes, library tapes, speeches, mix tapes, answering machine archives or other cassette audio to modern digital media.

Archive half-track mono, quarter-track mono, quarter-track stereo or 4-track audio cassettes with or without phase correction/noise reduction. Request a quote here.

DAT (Digital Audio Tape) to Digital Files

DATs are partly mechanical and don't fare well in long-term storage.

Convert 32K, 44.1K or 48K DATs. Request a quote here.

MiniDisc Audio to Digital Files

MiniDiscs develop mechanical issues over time. Accessing their digital files requires obsolete equipment. Upgrade your MiniDisc library to modern digital media.

Convert from SP, LP, LP2, LP4 or Mono format MiniDiscs to 44.1K archives. Request a quote here.

Vinyl, ETs, CDs, Audio DVDs or Floppies to Digital Audio Files.

Convert electrical transcriptions, acetates, record libraries or obsolete digital hard media to audio files.

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Mastering, Remastering & Restoration
To enquire about full digital remastering and album mastering services, click here.

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Please note that you must own the rights to any recordings being streamed, unless you are a licensed U.S. broadcast station or group, contracted representative or agent of the content owner, or the material is covered by U.S. Fair Use or in the public domain.