20 Questions:

01: Who was Gordon Sims better known as?   

02: What was Mamma Carlson's first name?   

03: Name the station with similar call letters that existed in Cincinnati at the time WKRP debuted in 1978.   

04: Was WKRP an AM or FM station?   

05: What was the name of the "show within the show" that profiled Herb Tarlek?   

06: Who was the show's creator?   

07: What creature was the WKRP station mascot?   

08: What was the name of WKRP's midday jock, played by Sam Anderson?   

09: Except in the pilot episode, WKRP was a 5,000-watt station. What was the wattage in the pilot?   

10: Who portrayed Mamma Carlson before Carol Bruce?   

11: What's Herbert R. Tarlek's middle name?   

12: From where did program director Andy Travis move to Cincinnati?   

13: What was outstanding about the episode "Fish Story?"   

14: Why had Johnny been fired from his Boss Jock gig in L.A.?   

15: Les Nessman was banned from a stadium locker room after a baseball player accused him of what?   

16: What year was Arthur Carlson appointed WKRP's manager?   

17: What was the name of the tacky painting Herb brought to Johnny's house after leaving his wife?   

18: To what format was Momma Carlson planning to change WKRP in the last CBS episode?   

19: Who directed the episode in which Bailey makes up a news story and Les reads it on the air?   

20: Who played the valet of Jennifer's beau Prince Reynaldo?