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Madison Square Garden architect Stanford White was shot and killed by millionaire Harry K. Thaw, who accused White of having an affair with wife, Evelyn Nesbit Thaw. After a hung jury, Thaw was declared insane in 1908, escaped from the mental hospital where he was incarcerated in 1913, then was declared sane and released from custody in 1915.

President Theodore Roosevelt was the first American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in ending the Russo-Japanese War. He also the first president to set foot on foreign soil while in office, visiting canal construction sites in Panama.

Congress established an early version of a "no-fly zone" around Washington, D.C., after a German man created a panic by sailing a zeppelin around the U.S. Capitol dome.

A quarter-million people were made homeless and 460 were killed when San Francisco was struck by an early-morning earthquake followed by widespread gas and electrical fires.

The Thomas A. Edison Phonograph Company produced what may have been the first audio commercial, a demonstration recording for its new line of record players.

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