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The federal minimum wage was raised to 40 cents per hour.

95 days after his inauguration to a fourth term, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died of a brain hemorrhage. Harry Truman was sworn in as America's 33rd president April 12th.

The Philippines were recaptured. Marines landed at Iwo Jima where, after 36 days of bloody battle, the Japanese gave up the island. 4,000 Americans and 20,000 Japanese had been killed. General George Patton's Third Army invaded Germany and crossed the Rhine. Russian forces captured the Reichstag in Berlin. As the Nazi regime fell, Adolph Hitler committed suicide. Deposed Italian Premier Benito Mussolini was captured and executed by a firing squad.

In August, President Truman ordered the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Japanese surrendered aboard the U.S.S. Missouri on September 1st.

General George Patton died at age 60, after crashing his motorcycle in Heidelberg, Germany.

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel opened on Broadway.

Big band swing and zoot suits started becoming popular, reflecting the spirit of hit songs like Dig You Later - A Hubba Hubba Hubba! and You're My Meat.

The Federal Communications Commission allocated channels 2 through 13 for commercial television. Channel 1 was designated as "experimental."

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