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As the Soviet Union grew larger, America's "Cold War" with the Communists grew more intense. The House Un-American Activities Committee announced that sensitive microfilm documents had been stolen from the State Department by Communist spies. The microfims were found in a pumpkin at the farm of magazine editor Whit Chambers.

Voice Of America was established to beam shortwave radio programming into countries that could only receive Soviet propaganda. The Soviets countered with "jammers" - multi-million-watt stations that broadcast the endless drone of a war plane - in an attempt to block Voice Of America signals.

Despite the predictions of pundits, polls and a now-infamous incorrect newspaper headline, incumbent Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey for the U.S. presidency.

The Sultan of Swat - Babe Ruth - died of cancer at age 53, shortly after attending the movie premiere of The Babe Ruth Story.

Our Miss Brooks, starring Eve Arden, Richard Crenna and Gale Gordon, began its highly successful nine-year run on radio.

By the end of the year, America had four television networks: ABC, CBS, NBC and Dumont Television. Talk Of The Town, later renamed The Ed Sullivan Show, began its 23-year run on June 20th. The Milton Berle Show premiered on NBC a few nights later. TV sets in homes increased from 9,000 to 125,000 during the year. TV's first Emmy awards were held, with local stations garnering more awards than the networks.

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