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The Beatles Anthology On DVD

Eight years after The Beatles themselves told the story of the world's greatest rock and roll band in "The Beatles Anthology" - EMI presents the complete work on DVD.

But now there's a final chapter: never-released footage of the last jam session of Paul, George and Ringo. They filmed the session at George Harrison's home in the summer of 1994. Only snippets of the performance turned up in ABC-TV's promotions of the telecast.

In the footage, Paul, George & Ringo perform songs they played in their Cavern and Star Club days: "Baby What You Want Me To Do," "Raunchy," "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" and "Ain't She Sweet." They also launch into a never-finalized original called "Thinking Of Linking."

"The Beatles Anthology" DVD boxed set features all of the original eight episodes that candidly reveal the story of how the four lads from Liverpool changed everything.

"The Beatles Anthology" project caused a worldwide sensation in 1995 as it launched a TV series, videotape boxed set and three double-CD sets that each topped the album charts in the U.S., plus "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love" - the first "new" Beatles recordings in 25 years.

All 10 hours of the original "Anthology" series was released across four DVD discs, along with an additional disc with 81 minutes of bonus features. Nearly all of the material included on the fifth disc has never been seen before.

The "Threetles" session and other get-togethers were filmed over a 12-month period when the three Beatles met in private and at Abbey Road studios. It includes the trio warmly remembering personal moments from their early days, reflecting on how they made their music and footage of them recording "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love."

The bonus disc also contains interviews with George Martin - who plays the first take of "A Day In The Life" off the original tape - and Jeff Lynne, who produced the "new" Beatles tracks.

One segment features Paul, Ringo & George listening to a multi-track tape from the "Abbey Road" album with George Martin as they try to recall who played which instruments.

The bonus disc concludes with the complete video for "Real Love."

Technically, the DVDs offer a spectacular audio/visual experience, featuring re-graded picture quality and new audio mastering, including 5.1-surround sound and a new stereo PCM soundtrack.