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Liverpool Sound Collage

A track called Free Now is the first original work featuring the Beatles since the 1995 release of Free As A Bird. The recording, which was created at the request of Peter Blake as a soundtrack for his Liverpool exhibition About Collage, is part of a 5-track CD called Liverpool Sound Collage.

Liverpool Sound Collage
"Peter Blake asked me to create a sound collage about Liverpool," said Paul. "I compiled sounds and made the basic collage. I asked Cian Ciaran of the Super Furry Animals to mix something from it, which he kindly did, and my mate Youth used his talents to add a final touch."

"It's a new little piece of the Beatles," added Paul, who used clips of out-takes from Beatles '60s sessions on the track, combining them with unheard cuts of Beatles guitar work. "It's an outbreak from my normal stuff. It's a little side dish that is not to be confused with my other work. It's more underground then what you usually hear from me, but I like to be free enough to do this sort of thing."

Taking the medium beyond its traditional visual form, Paul McCartney collated elements for Blake's collage on the streets of Liverpool, where he interviewed astonished shoppers and passers-by on his tape recorder. The locally-recorded elements range from snatches of chat with students at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and background at the soundcheck for Paul's headline-making return concert at the Cavern to extracts from Liverpool Oratorio, the sound of the Mersey and comments from "the lady who gets me my chips when I'm back to the 'Pool."

Extending the theme of using sound fragments from local voices, Liverpool Sound Collage also contains out-takes from recordings made between 1965-1969 with George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon.