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Paul McCartney: "Driving Rain"

Driving Rain Sir Paul's new album, "Driving Rain," features a cover photo taken by Paul himself - using his favorite gadget, a Casio watch camera.

The first single is "Freedom/From A Lover To A Friend." The A-side was written after the September 11th attack on New York. The B-side is a tribute to his late wife, Linda, and all proceeds from the single are donated to the Robin Hood Relief Fund.

The album features son James McCartney's guitar on two of the tracks.

Other cuts include "Spinning On An Axis," "Tiny Bubble," "Your Loving Flame," "About You," "Rinse The Raindrops," "Driving Rain," "Back In The Sunshine Again," "Lonely Road," "Riding Into Jaipur," "I Do," "She's Given Up Talking" and a song for his fiance, Heather Mills, simply titled "Heather."