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Let It Be ... Naked

Let It Be ... Naked
The stripped-down version of the Beatles' last album release includes a 20-minute bonus disc.

"Let It Be ... Naked" is described by Apple Corps, Ltd. as "the no-frills, back-to-basics album that the Beatles first set out to make back in 1969." The new version returns "Don't Let Me Down" to the lineup and drops "Maggie May" and "Dig It," although alternate versions of them turn up in the bonus disc.

  1. Get Back
  2. Dig A Pony
  3. For You Blue
  4. The Long And Winding Road
  5. Two Of Us
  6. Iíve Got A Feeling
  7. One After 909
  8. Donít Let Me Down
  9. I Me Mine
  10. Across The Universe
  11. Let It Be
The bonus disc contains behind-the-scenes audio of the making of the "Get Back" film and album, which evolved into the "Let It Be" movie and Phil-Spectorized LP. It also contains two previously unreleased Lennon-McCartney songs, "Fancy My Chances" and "Because I Know You Love Me So."

The double-disc set also contains reproductions from the photo booklet that accompanied early U.K. releases of "Let It Be."

"If weíd have had todayís technology back then, it would sound like this because this is the noise we made in the studio," says Paul McCartney of the new release. "Itís all exactly as it was in the room. Youíre right there now."