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George Harrison: My Sweet Lord

My Sweet Lord The reissue of George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" shot to #1 in the U.K. in its first week of release - and to #2 in the U.S.

Proceeds from the single are going to the Material World Foundation.

The CD single includes the original 1970 recording, the 2000 remaster of "Let It Down" - plus "My Sweet Lord (2000)," which was recorded as a bonus cut for 2001's "All Things Must Pass" 30th anniversary reissue.

The new single's cover contains a tinted version of a photo taken by George himself.

In the U.K., Apple had issued a version of "My Sweet Lord" by Billy Preston on September 4, 1970 - two months before the release of "All Things Must Pass."

The Harrison version was first released on a single in the U.S. on November 23, 1970. Two weeks later, Apple released the Preston version in the States. George's version wasn't issued on 45 in the U.K. until January 15, 1971.