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Paul McCartney
Run Devil Run

Run Devil Run

  1. Blue Jean Bop (Vincent-Levy) 1:57
  2. She Said Yeah (Bono-Jackson) 2:05
  3. All Shook Up (Blackwell-Presley) 2:04
  4. Run Devil Run (McCartney) 2:35
  5. No Other Baby (Bishop-Watson) 4:17
  6. Lonesome Town (Knight) 3:29
  7. Try Not To Cry (McCartney) 2:40
  8. Movie Mag (Perkins) 2:11
  9. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (Berry) 2:27
  10. What It Is (McCartney) 2:23
  11. Coquette (Green-Kahn-Lombardo) 2:41
  12. I Got Stung (Schroeder-Hill) 2.39
  13. Honey Hush (Turner) 3:07
  14. Shake A Hand (Morris) 3:50
  15. Party (Robinson) 2:37
Paul McCartney's raucous 15-track album features guest appearances by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour and Deep Purple's Ian Paice.

Run Devil Run is Paul McCartney's anthology of some of his and Linda's favorite rock & roll.

Alongside classic rockers are three new McCartney originals - including the sweat-making title track.

Mirroring the hectic rate of the songs, Run Devil Run was recorded at Abbey Road Studio 2 in only one week, just like the early Beatles did it.

"At the early recording sessions of The Beatles, we worked in a very specific way - recording two songs in the morning and two more after lunch. I have a professional nostalgia for that way of recording and I wanted to see if we could do that with this album," says Paul.