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Weekend of November 28-29, 2009

For the final episode of Beatles Basement,  we wrap up our "alphaBeatlical" series on the Beatles and solo-Beatles hits:
JOHN LENNON/Watching The Wheels (single)
BEATLES/We Can Work It Out (single) 
JOHN LENNON/Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (single)
GEORGE HARRISON/What Is Life? (single)
PAUL McCARTNEY/With A Little Luck (single)
JOHN LENNON/Woman (single)
BEATLES/Yellow Submarine (single)  
BEATLES/Yesterday (US single)  
RINGO STARR/You're Sixteen (single)
This set idea, from John and Cyndi Hoekstra, highlights "Beatles Roots Rock."
BEATLES/Rock And Roll Music
JOHN LENNON/Slipping And Sliding
BEATLES/Roll Over Beethoven
BEATLES/Kansas City/Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Here's a set from listener Holly Kinder, called "Terms Of Endearment:"
BEATLES/Oh! Darling
BEATLES/Little Child
BEATLES/Honey Don't
BEATLES/Baby You're A Rich Man
Concluding the series on the American LPs, the 1970 Hey Jude album, which has never been issued on CD. It collected tracks that hadn't yet been on Capitol albums.  Though it was originally prepared for the US market, it went on to be issued worldwide and sold milions and millions of copies throughout the '70s and '80s.
BEATLES/Can't Buy Me Love ("Hey Jude" LP version)
BEATLES/I Should Have Known Better ("Hey Jude" LP version)
BEATLES/Paperback Writer ("Hey Jude" LP version)
BEATLES/Rain ("Hey Jude" LP version)
BEATLES/Lady Madonna ("Hey Jude" LP version)
BEATLES/Revolution ("Hey Jude" LP version)
BEATLES/Hey Jude ("Hey Jude" LP version)
Paul McCartney & John Lennon: old brown shoe
BEATLES/Old Brown Shoe ("Hey Jude" LP version)
BEATLES/Don't Let Me Down ("Hey Jude" LP version)
BEATLES/The Ballad Of John & Yoko ("Hey Jude" LP version)
From Beatles Basement listener Chelsea Hopkins, here's a set called "Beatles By Name" ... songs with title characters:
BEATLES/Mean Mister Mustard
BEATLES/Eleanor Rigby
BEATLES/Maggie Mae
For the last Beatles Basement of the series, we thought we'd share this set from Angela Balfour, called "Farewells," which starts with Paul McCartney's demo for the Mary Hopkin hit, "Goodbye."
PAUL McCARTNEY/Goodbye (demo)
BEATLES/I'll Be Back
This being the last Beatles Basement show, it seems fitting that the Beatles Moment Of The Week come from a Beatle.  Sir Paul McCartney singled out one special moment for us - the first time he heard a Beatles record on the radio:
Paul McCartney: his "Beatles Moment"
BEATLES/Love Me Do (UK single)


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