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Jasmine The Greyhound: Foster Mom At The Wildlife Sanctuary

Cat Returns After Nine Years

Water Buffaloes Save Owner From Bear Attack

Big & Small Dog Trouble

Missing Terrier Takes The Ferry Home

Golden Lab Performs Heimlich Manuver

Dog-Size Rats Take Over Power Station

Cats Inspire Retirees To Take 2,500-Mile Cab Ride

Horse Smack Returns Vet's Eyesight

A Lassie-Style Rescue

Radio For Dogs

Tortoise Lives To 255

Retriever Retrieves Stolen Purse

Chihuahua Adopts Baby Bird

Bear Smuggler Caught At Kiev Airport

Dog Snacks On A Cellphone

Supermarket Egg Yields A Chick

Stolen Dog Reunited With Family After Nearly A Decade

Furry, Hopping Shark Discovered

Irritated Cat Forces Air Flight To Turn Back

Seahorse Found Galloping In The Thames

Cat Survives Trip On Car Roof

New Big-Ear Champ

Stolen Snake Strikes Back

Kitten Of War

Dog Saves Baby Girl's Life

Gator In A Box

Dung Applied To Slippery Streets

Pig Kills Slaughterman

Study: Dogs Are Descended From Asian Wolves

Fish Survives 15 Hours In Refrigerator

Arctic Loon Spotted In Colorado

Collie Fetches A Shocking Surprise

Dog Never Misses Calls To Prayer

Bulldog Crashes Celebrity's Sports Car

Lucky The Dog A Lucky Dog

Wounded Police Dog Catches The Crook

Town Cashes In On Animal Poop

Dog Reunited With Owner After Six Years

Flying Feline Clocks 63,000 Miles

Man Hugs Bear To Survive Attack

Buzzard Buzzes Into Family's Life

Skateboarder Gets Goosed

Parakeet Survives Major Surgery

Parrot Embarrasses Warden With Echoes Of Love

Dog Rescued From Abandoned Tanker

Alligator-Fighting Dog Named Hero Of The Year

Deaf Dog Learns Sign Language

Squawking Foils Parrot Smuggler

Snoozing Tiger Shocks Family

Lizards Surfed Forth And Multiplied?

Elephant's Art Makes Money

Electronic Greeting Cards Used To Repel Moles

Round-Egg Hen Dies

Stray Dog Saves Baby

Apes May Use Recreational Drugs

Home-Alone Parrot Turns On Water Works

U.S. Issues Spay/Neuter Stamps

Dog Writes The Book On Humans

Prosecutors File For Statement From Police Dog

Hunting Dog Saves Man From Bear

Contact Lenses Make Greyhound A Winner

Toddler Found In Bears' Den

Hound Fosters Baby Tigers

Surprise Visitor

Bird Gets Bionic Beak

Dog Fetches A Scary Surprise

Dog Thwarts Prison Escape

Wrong Sand Leaves Greyhounds With Blisters

Hospital For Dogs Set Up At NYC Site

Make Your Home Safe From Pet-Caused Fires

Fake-Out Police Dog

6,000 Bees Swarm Sunbathing Couple

Guide Pony Takes Up Residence

Indiana Group Spreads Message Of Greyhound Adoption

River Rescue Leads To Dog Of The Year Award

Monkey Business In New Delhi

Cats Save Man From House Fire

Putting Teeth In Police K-9s

Dog Football Shut Down By Spectators

Cat Abandoned By President Bush Found In Hollywood

Bullfrogs Overrun France

Kenyan Dog Has Appetite For Communication

Sour Fish Tame Tummies In Turmoil

Rescuing Greyhounds Leads To New Life

Monkeys Do The Math

Celebrity Look-Alike Pets

Parrot Calls Police

Missing Elephant Found In Germany

Dealing With Your Pet's Moving Anxiety

Taiwan Bans Dog Meat

Pig Barks Like A Dog

Internet Adoption

Search For Gigantic Snake Called Off

More Attention For Pets Than Hubbies?

Fish Assaults Seafood Hater

A Medal For A Mongrel

Chocolate Can Kill Your Dog!

Greyhounds "Roo" For Annual Gathering

Jersey Parrots?

Save The Sledders!

Charmed, I'm Sure

Fairway Fowl

Hungry Hounds Of Thailand

Lobster: One In 3 Million

Heir Chimps

Hero Dog Gets Medal

Panda Problem? Dogs To The Rescue!

Fish Magnetism

Same Turtle Next Year

Dogs Of Summer

Missing Flag Mystery

Life-Saving Greyhound Retires

Dog Behavior Vs. Human Communication

Pets Get Their Day In Court

Deer Takes Bubble Bath

Octopus Opens Jars

Interpreting Cat Tail Movements

Can Dogs Predict Earthquakes?

Golf Course Is For The Birds

Animals Make Better People

The Story Of Buddy's Rescue

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