Their Biggest Hits - a clever hoax

Their Biggest Hits EP was a 1975 hoax perpetrated by two U.S. record collectors. The conspirators painstakingly designed and printed a few realistic looking Tollie EP sleeves with commercial and promotional discs then slowly introduced them to collectors. Initially, the scam was a huge success, fooling even experts into believing the record was a previously undiscovered release. Within a few months however, the hoax was exposed. The original record's quality, uniqueness, and rarity make it quite valuable to collectors.

In the early 1980s, a California record dealer made several hundred counterfeits from the original fake. The quality of these is noticeably inferior.

Later in the 1980s a Vee-Jay version of the EP (VJ-103/104) appeared without the sleeve; again, an inferior quality product.

original sleeve
original disc
original promotional disc
fake of the original sleeve
fake Vee-Jay version