She Loves You - Swan single

Fakes have pitted or pock-marked vinyl. Printing on the disk label is broken. Any record with a high gloss black label is fake. Almost all originals have machine stampings in the trail-off area - use the above fake criteria for one that doesn't.
Any colored vinyl copy is fake
Fake VJ-498 sleeve

Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand - Swan single

This record is a complete fabrication. Swan did not issue Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand and no label whatsoever legally issued the Beatles' version of How Do You Do It until the Anthology series. As can be seen in the images, the label quality can be quite poor. 

The 4197 catalog number is legitimate, however. Swan assigned it to its first single of 1965. The songs, recorded by a female soul group called "The Three Degrees", were Gee Baby (I'm Sorry) and Do What You're Supposed To Do. The record reached No. 80 on Billboard's chart in July of the same year.