Parlophone GEP 8891 (mono)
Released: February 7, 1964
Highest chart position: 1
Highest singles chart position: 12
Side 1

All My Loving
Ask Me Why

Side 2

P.S. I Love You

Robert Freeman's With the Beatles LP photo was used for the cover.

Liner notes:

John ... Paul ... George ... Ringo.
Names which meant little or nothing eighteen months ago. Today there is an almost legendary magic about John and Paul and George and Ringo. The very mention of any one sends sharp shivers of excitement down the spines of young girls. The names belong to four vigorous-voiced, multi-talented artists who have the 1964 pop-music world spread out about their stomping feet. The four command a kingdom of gold and silver trophies. They rule supreme from the hit parade heights. They dominate the thoughts, moods and hearts of a million devoted fans. They fascinate many more millions of longer-range admirers from every walk of life and every living generation. They have pioneered and cultivated a dozen different trends in teenage fashions and musical notions. They have altered the course of their contemporary segment of show business history. They are, with less than eighteen months of national importance behind them, amongst the most sensational successes the entertainment world has ever known. They are, in one meaningful word, Beatles. 

The Beatles abhor the contrived, venerate the unconventional. They are what every young girl would wish the boy next door to be. They have made the phrase 'pop idol' obsolete. John ... Paul ... George ... Ringo. Four forceful personalities backed up by rare and genuine talent.



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