Parlophone GEP 8913 (mono)
Released: June 19, 1964
Highest chart position: 1
Highest singles chart position: 11
Side 1

[Long Tall Sally]
I Call Your Name

Side 2

[Slow Down]

This was the first Beatle EP to feature material not otherwise available on a U.K. LP or single. Robert Freeman took the sleeve photo while the Beatles were on tour in Stockholm, Sweden.

Liner notes:

A new release by John, Paul, George and Ringo is more than just a disc ... it is a national event. People old enough to know worse - and who often do - can be overheard saying: 'It's about time they did another one.' And so it is and here it is and aren't we all very proud of it? Paul McCartney sings Long Tall Sally and he has never done anything better. This was the hit of the Beatles' Jack Good - Brian Epstein TV show, first featured by Paul on disc in an American album. It is wild and reckless but beautifully phrased and pure Beatle music, with George backing on lead guitar quite as well as in his notable Roll Over Beethoven. It wasn't written by the Beatles - nor were Slow Down or Matchbox on Side Two - but John and Paul have an original in I Call Your Name, formerly done by Billy J. Kramer a few months ago. John sings this. Who else creates such a sound?

Carl Perkins wrote Matchbox for himself, but Ringo makes it his very own. He sings little, but well, which is better than rotten and often, and John precedes him with Slow Down, a moody rocker, note-perfect product of the Beatles' early performances in Liverpool's 'Cavern'.

All four boys enhance their splendid name with this disc. It will sell in millions to the world. Dip in gold and give it to your grandchildren. Or just simply wear it out.



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