Parlophone MMT1/MMT2 (mono) & SMMT1/SMMT2 (stereo)
Released: December 8, 1967
Highest chart position: 2
Disk 1 Side 1

Magical Mystery Tour
Your Mother Should Know

Disk 1 Side 2

I Am the Walrus

Disk 2 Side 1

The Fool On the Hill

Disk 2 Side 2

Blue Jay Way

The six songs the Beatles recorded for their next release were not enough for an LP and too many for an EP. The Beatles chose a double EP set with three songs per disc - a first. Stapled into the middle was a 24-page booklet. The EP also came with a lyrics sheet printed on light blue paper.

The pictures used on the EP sleeve were taken from the film of the same name.

Liner notes:

AWAY IN THE SKY, beyond the clouds, live 4 or 5 Magicians. By casting WONDERFUL SPELLS they turn the Most Ordinary Coach Trip into a MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR. If you let yourself go, the Magicians will take you away to marvellous places. 

Maybe YOU'VE been on a MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR without even realising it. 

Are you ready to go?

SPLENDID! The story begins on Page 7 ... or 8 ....


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