Released Title (on singles, the song title of the "A" side is listed) Format Label
01/05/62 My Bonnie Single Polydor
10/05/62 Love Me Do Single Parlophone
01/11/63 Please Please Me Single Parlophone
03/22/63 Please Please Me (mono) LP Parlophone
04/11/63 From Me To You Single Parlophone
04/26/63 Please Please Me (stereo) LP Parlophone
07/12/63 Twist and Shout EP Parlophone
08/23/63 She Loves You Single Parlophone
09/06/63 The Beatles' Hits EP Parlophone
11/01/63 The Beatles (No. 1) EP Parlophone
11/22/63 With the Beatles LP Parlophone
11/29/63 I Want To Hold Your Hand Single Parlophone
02/07/64 All My Loving EP Parlophone
02/28/64 Cry For a Shadow Single Polydor
03/20/64 Can't Buy Me Love Single Parlophone
05/29/64 Ain't She Sweet Single Polydor
06/19/64 Long Tall Sally EP Parlophone
07/10/64 A Hard Day's Night LP Parlophone
07/10/64 A Hard Day's Night Single Parlophone
11/06/64 Extracts From the Film A Hard Day’s Night EP Parlophone
11/06/64 Extracts From the Album A Hard Day’s Night EP Parlophone
11/27/64 I Feel Fine Single Parlophone
12/04/64 Beatles For Sale LP Parlophone
05/06/65 Beatles For Sale EP Parlophone
04/09/65 Ticket To Ride Single Parlophone
06/04/65 Beatles For Sale (No. 2) EP Parlophone
07/23/65 Help! Single Parlophone
08/06/65 Help! LP Parlophone
12/03/65 Rubber Soul LP Parlophone
12/03/65 We Can Work It Out Single Parlophone
12/06/65 The Beatles' Million Sellers EP Parlophone
03/04/66 Yesterday EP Parlophone
06/10/66 Paperback Writer Single Parlophone
07/08/66 Nowhere Man EP Parlophone
08/05/66 Revolver LP Parlophone
08/05/66 Yellow Submarine Single Parlophone
12/09/66 A Collection Of Beatles Oldies LP Parlophone
02/17/67 Strawberry Fields Forever Single Parlophone
06/01/67 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band LP Parlophone
07/07/67 All You Need Is Love Single Parlophone
08/04/67 The Beatles' First LP Polydor
11/24/67 Hello Goodbye Single Parlophone
12/08/67 Magical Mystery Tour EP Parlophone
03/15/68 Lady Madonna Single Parlophone
08/20/68 Hey Jude Single Apple
11/22/68 The Beatles LP Apple
01/17/69 Yellow Submarine LP Apple
04/11/69 Get Back Single Apple
05/30/69 The Ballad of John and Yoko Single Apple
09/26/69 Abbey Road LP Apple
10/31/69 Something Single Apple
03/06/70 Let It Be Single Apple
05/08/70 Let It Be LP Apple