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The Linda McCartney Restrospective is on display at Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery April 21st - August 25th, 2020.

The exhibition consists of 200 of Linda’s iconic photographs, including "Chroniclers of the 60s," which features images of some of the leading musicians and artists of the era, her best known works; "The Family Life," a collection of photographs taken by the artist of her family; "Social Commentary," designed to convey the artist’s social messages; and "Portrait of Linda," which presents her as viewed by the artists with whom she enjoyed close relationships.

Linda McCartney: The Polaroid Diaries exhibits at C/O Berlin March 7th through June 6th, 2020.

Linda McCartney Foods' first 25 years:

The OTHER cook of the house: Paul making mashed potatoes in an early internet stream, 1998:

Daelim Museum presents "The Linda McCartney Retrospective," Korea’s first exhibition of works by Linda McCartney, from November 6th, 2014 through April 26th, 2015.

Linda captured casual and intimate scenes featuring many of the best-known musicians of the 1960s and 70s, from the Rolling Stones to the Beatles, creating a unique world of work in the process. This exhibition combines images of top musicians from the last century with shots of precious moments in Paul and Linda McCartney’s everyday life. Reflecting her search for simple happiness in the midst of a rock and roll life, and her constant willingness to take a stand on social issues, the retrospective, produced by Daelim Museum and the McCartney family, presents a journey into McCartney’s life and her passion for photography.

Linda McCartney was the first female photographer to have her work featured on the cover of Rolling Stone. Unlike other photographers known for their outstanding techniques or intellectual content, McCartney developed a reputation for unembellished images that offered candid glimpses into the emotions of her subjects.

In the words of her daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney, "Her humour is there, her sympathy, her love of nature and life. Every image is a reflection of her way of seeing life and how she viewed every day with fresh eyes. Her lens was her way of expressing herself, the real Linda."

After marrying Paul McCartney, Linda began expanding the scope and potential of her art. Recording her family and daily life in photos, she moved into other genres such as music and film. At the same time, she took a critical stance on social issues such as vegetarianism and was a passionate animal rights activist, maintaining a presence in print and broadcast media.

The exhibition consists of 200 of Linda’s iconic photographs, including "Chroniclers of the 60s," which features images of some of the leading musicians and artists of the era, her best known works; "The Family Life," a collection of photographs taken by the artist of her family; "Social Commentary," designed to convey the artist’s social messages; and "Portrait of Linda," which presents her as viewed by the artists with whom she enjoyed close relationships.

In the first comprehensive retrospective of Linda McCartney’s photographic works worldwide, Kunst Haus Wien in Vienna, Austria presented a selection of her iconic photographs of sixties rock and roll, her family life and nature. The show ran from June to October 2013.

"Linda McCartney’s distinctive works reveal an alertness to the poetry of the moment," said Wien, "combined with a keen sense of humour and an instinctive flair for capturing her subject at the right instant."

The McCartney family is featured in the animated TV advertisement for Linda McCartney Foods. The commercial features the voiceover of singer-songwriter Elvis Costello and a host of psychedelic animal characters, set to Paul's new version of "Heart Of The Country." The ad promotes the new chilled range of meat-free foods.

Meatless Monday fans can now get a year of enticing menus from one of the movement's most famous supporters: Paul McCartney.

Along with his daughters Stella and Mary, Paul has launched the Meat Free Monday Cookbook through Kyle Books. It features menu ideas for every Monday of the year, from packed lunches to comforting stews. The book features favorite recipes from the McCartneys along with contributions from some of their famous friends, including Mario Batali, Woody Harrelson, Vivienne Westwood, Kevin Spacey and P!nk.

"We applaud the McCartney family's unwavering efforts to promote a healthier, more sustainable diet," said Sid Lerner, who founded Meatless Monday in 2003 with Johns Hopkins. "This beauty of a cookbook is truly a delicious way to help spread the global Meatless Monday movement."

Paul championed the meat-free Monday concept in the U.K. in 2009 as a simple and straightforward idea to show everyone the environmental value of eating less meat. Meatless Monday has since blossomed into a global movement, with 22 countries promoting the idea of cutting out meat once a week for human health and the health of the planet.

"We feel that the vast majority of people are conscientious and would want to do something in their own lives to help secure a happier future for the generations that follow," said Paul. "While many solutions can be quite difficult to put into practice, the idea of one meat-free day per week is something that many people find doable and something that can be achieved relatively easily."

Individuals interested in starting a Meatless Monday in the U.S. can visit to learn more about the benefits, get information kits to spread the word and join the growing international network of supporters.

The World Through Linda's Lens is a compilation of pics from Linda McCartney's years as a rock photographer, released on "Four Twenty" - April 20th, 2011.

Linda's career behind the lens began in 1966 when she snagged a press pass for an exclusive Rolling Stones gig while working as a receptioniust at a magazine. The band was impressed by the shots she took and a career photographing musicians was created.

In 1968, her photo of Eric Clapton led to her distinction as the first female to shoot a Rolling Stone front cover.

Among the artists captured on film by Linda: Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Simon & Garfunkel, the Who, the Doors, the Grateful Dead and, of course, the Beatles.

She met future husband Paul McCartney in 1967 while documenting London's "Swinging Sixties" on film.

A collection of her pictures from the time - Sixties: Portrait Of An Era - was published in 1992 and became an international best-seller.

Before her death in 1998, Linda said her participation in Wings brought her photogrtaphy career to an end.

"Playing in a band totally stopped me from being a working photographer, my career just stopped," she said. "Before that I was taking pictures for all sorts of magazines and was working on photographs for a book about rock and roll. But it stopped because I joined a band and all the time that I was in that band was time that I would have been taking photographs."

"Photography was more important to me than music - but my husband and my family were more important to me than photography, and I was prepared to give up photography for them."

Paul McCartney and his family still have a hands-on approach to the Linda McCartney vegan frozen food line, which is now now under the Hain Celestial umbrella.

The McCartneys still insist on taste-testing every dish themselves.

"It's really personal to us because it is carrying on mum's message," says daughter Mary McCartney, who's now 38.

"We know what she would and wouldn't have wanted," adds Paul. "Nothing goes through without the McCartney say-so. It has to, because it's our name on the packet."

In late April 2008, Paul opened an exhibition of Linda's photography at the James Hyman Gallery in London, marking the 10th anniversary of Linda's passing.

Paul McCartney on Linda's photos
at the James Hyman Gallery:

Paul praised Linda as "an artist with a special vision" at the opening of the exhibition.

"She could see beauty in changing a baby's nappy," said Paul. "Linda was clever, she was intuitive, and a great artist, and I'm delighted that this exhibition gives people a chance to see that."

Paul says three years were spent readying the exhibit. Daughter Mary McCartney - who, like her mom, is a venerated photographer - helped Macca assemble the collection.

"The photographs not only illustrate her incredible talent as an artist, but as someone who was very much connected to the culture of the times and wasn't afraid to challenge herself or her subject," says Sir Paul.

Paul McCartney, who performed a career-spanning medley at the 2008 BRIT Awards, said two of the included songs had special meanings. Sir Paul performed the gala's finale as he accepted the BRIT for Outstanding Contribution To Music.

"'Live And Let Die' is the song that reminds me of Linda," said Paul. "'Hey Jude' reminds me of John."

The 150-year-old brass ensemble called the Black Dyke Band performed a Paul McCartney composition which has never been previously heard by the public.

The piece was originally composed by Paul as a tribute to Linda while he was assembling the Ecce Cor Meum oratorio project. It was performed at Derby Cathedral on February 23rd, 2008, as part of a benefit for the Derby Salvation Army.

The Black Dyke Band, when it was billed "John Foster & Sons Ltd Black Dyke Mills Band," released a McCartney original, "Thingumybob," backed by a cover of "Yellow Submarine" on one of the first Apple single releases in 1968. The band has also done projects with several classical performers and rock artists like Tori Amos and Peter Gabriel.

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