Gypsy Journal
Oh I am soooooo excited!!!

Mommy brought home a new boy for me! His name is Digger! Now I have someone new to bully and boss around. A girl can't have too many boy toys.

I've been teaching Digger the finer points of being a couch potato, except I make him lay on the floor.

Mommy got lots of new toys for us, but I took them all so he could watch me play with them! Since I had all the toys, Digger took all the pillows off the beds and played with those. Uh oh ... Mommy says "NO!" a lot now.

Gypsy & Digger
I showed Digger how to find "snacks" out in the yard! I am SUCH a GOOD sister!! Digger ate all the "snacks," then threw up all over Mommy's rug. Mommy took him to the vet, and he threw up all over the back of her new car. Then he peed in it. Mommy had to drive to work with all the windows down and nobody wanted to park next to her. Mommy doesn't take Digger for rides very much.

I am so glad Mommy brought Digger to live with us! Tonight he showed me where all the vacuum cleaner accessories were. We took all of them over to Digger's bed and he showed me how to pull them apart into little pieces! That was FUN! Well, it was fun until Mommy found us.

Love, Gypsy

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